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Our “Snatched SZN” Waist Wrap is a “one size fits all” wrap that allows you to easily adjust your level of compression/tightness, it is 4 meters long (400cm) and 15 centimeters wide; enough to cover any body type, long or short torsos, and all waist and abdomen area. It’s fashionable, so it it can be worn inside and outside. Use it post-surgery/BBL, post-partum, during workouts or underneath clothing for a snatched look. Because of its length, it is cost effective. Gone are the days when you had to purchase multiple trainers due to your progress. Now you can easily adjust your size to fit your new waistline each and every time. This waist trimmer is made with comfortable and breathable sweat wicking elastic material, meaning it pulls moisture away from your body through the fabric so it can evaporate, helping to keep your body dry and cool, even while you sweat.

Our “Snatched Szn” Waist Wrap has a strong wrapping property and can firmly flatten the abdomen. It can be combined with a healthy diet and appropriate exercise to reduce your waist line by 3-5 inches.

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